Friday, March 28, 2008

Raleigh Bicycle Planning Meeting

This just landed in my e-mailbox. Here's your chance to talk with Raleigh leaders.

The e-mail text:

The City of Raleigh is developing a Comprehensive Bicycle Plan that will guide future bicycle improvements in Raleigh and we want YOU to be part of the process.

The plan is intended to reflect the needs and wishes of the community; therefore, the City is asking for your input: the first public workshop will be held on April 2nd, 2008 at the Glen Eden Pilot Neighborhood Center (1500 Glen Eden Drive, Raleigh). Please stop by anytime between 4:00 – 7:00 PM to learn more about the project, talk to City staff and project consultants, and provide your input to the process. The City wants to hear the citizens' priorities for bicycle facilities and programs. Attached is an advertisement flyer for that meeting. Please feel free to distribute this so that all Raleigh citizens are informed.

In addition, please take a few minutes to fill out an online comment form for the project.

Online Comment Form Link: (

Please pass the word along to any and all cyclists in the Raleigh Area!

Thank you for your time. Happy and safe bicycling!

Would somebody please mention that there's no good way for most bikers to commute uptown on workdays? Nearly every route throws you in an uncomfortably heavy mix of motorists, while new construction and changes have mucked up once acceptable routes, like Oberlin Road.

We spend lots of money putting new parking garages uptown. Let's put an equal amount of thought in getting cyclists up there safely.

Here's another question for our planners: When do they plan to reopen the greenway trail that crosses Capital Boulevard near Yonkers Road? It's been closed for repairs for six months or more.

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Rob E. said...

I'll try and bring that up. The lack of a good route downtown is one of my pet peeves as well. To avoid the heavy traffic areas of Capital and Glenwood, I take the Greenway from Crabtree Valley Mall out to Raleigh Blvd and take side streets in. But, I don't commute to downtown, so that's just an occasional trip. It's very indirect and, lately, it doesn't succeed at its goal of keeping me off Capital because of the greenway closure. Joe Miller has covered this a bit in his Get Out! Get Fit! blog on the N&O's site. Although it seems like every time it's discussed, the city is about a month away from doing something about it -- for about six months now.