Thursday, March 27, 2008

Calling All Bicycle Collectors

Hey you! Yes, you at the dull desk job. Here's a fun way to kill the rest of the afternoon: the Copake annual bicycle auction.

The auction is scheduled for April 12. Here's the full online catalog.

It doesn't take long to find some gems from our cycling past.

I believe this is used to get the crew moving at the controls.

Here's your 19th century "Dog Scarer" cap pistol.

They have this Alex Singer, with wheels, with an expected going price of $600-$800. What the....? That's my size. Where is my checkbook?

Here's an 1899 Messenger bike. Not much has changed here. Expected price: $150-$200.

And of course lots of high wheelers. This is an American model.

I don't know a lot about advertising, but I'm guessing this "Bat Tray" was a flop. This is lot #154: "Figural "bat" metal tip tray, "Demorest Bicycle", 2 3/4" x 4 1/4". Demorest Mfg. Co. Williamsport PA. 1894-98. Brass patina good cond."

Is this a brand name or a warning from some religious group? From the catalog description: "19th c. French poster mounted on linens "Joie d'enfer Sur Lucifer", artist "Nike" pub. by Charles Vernear Paris 82" x 46", good cond."

This is the best truing stand I've ever seen. The description: "C. 1900-30 "Whaley Mfg. Co. St. Paul Minn." complex wheel truing stand, 17 1/2" HT., good cond."

Go ahead. Take the rest of the afternoon off. Your boss won't mind.

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