Friday, February 24, 2012

Mountain Training Camp - Spain Edition

Joeray planted the seed last year for winter in Spain. Since I'm currently in cold, rainy Holland, MTC in sunny Spain was an excellent idea. We poked around a bit and settled on Andalucian Cycling Experience. We stayed in the little town of MonteCorto (pop. 660).

View from the house

We had a great group of riders and two fantastic guides (first two on the right). We were all well matched and rode together all week.

Riding is Spain is a fantastic experience. The roads are smooth and wide and the drivers are very courteous. Even in the mountains with the curvy roads, the drivers always waited and always passed fully in the left lane. That is when there actually was a car. We didn't go long (averaged about 50 miles) but we did climb. We averaged about 1200' of climbing for every 10 miles.

Top of 15k climb on the second day

Since it was just a training camp, here is the most important pictures for the rando crowd.
Venison stew

Paella madness

Rest day lunch (We didn't need to ride hard, but we kept up the eating)

We didn't know exactly what we ordered so our Racing Pro Guide Bryan might have eaten 6 Chorizo burgers....

For the coffee guys, Cafe con Leche was fantastic and everywhere we went it was 1 Euro.

Rest day in Zahara. It was also the start of Friday's mountain time trial.

On Friday we had the time trial up the Las Palomas climb. 12.5k at %6. We had a 1-2 Finish for the NC crew. I finished in 51:50 and Joeray finished in 53:50.

And I got to claim the jersey.

So it was a great week for MTC. We are now planning on doing an Alps trip the first week of September. If anyone wants a great week of doing the classic tour climbs, let us know. Or next winter when we head back to Andalucia.

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