Thursday, February 16, 2012

Designing a Head Badge with Love and Fury

My buddy Karl Edwards is a bike rider and collector extraordinaire. He and I met more than a decade ago when we bid on the same Raleigh International. He graciously let me win the auction because I told him the bike was the same model, year (1971) and color (champagne) of my very first 10-speed, the one that set me on the righteous path to a lifetime of cycling. Karl is also a very fine professional illustrator. Check out his website; you'll see what I mean. Sometimes his art projects intersect with his interest in classic and handbuilt bikes. For his latest project, he designed a new headbadge for Ahearne Cycles of Portland Oregon. The finished product is below. Click on the picture and you'll be directed to Karl's blog post about the creative process.

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George Swain said...

Love the head badge and reading about the artistic process involved with its creation. Too bad Bicycling Magazine did not include it in their recent (lame) tribute to head badges. This is much nicer than the ones they featured. I love my IF sterling silver head badge, but this one has even more charm and style.