Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Brooks PBP Video

Capn Ende and Amy just passed this along. A sentimental journey, brought to you by Brooks. Look for PBP riding mates Tim Carroll and Jerry Phelps at 2:39. Just after that, you'll see Capn Ende in the yellow helmet and I believe Mark Thomas in the SIR jersey...Enjoy


skiffrun said...

Certainly more upbeat that the French one that ended with our own "Californien" Ricochet Robert hobbling down the road.

Jerry Phelps said...
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Jerry Phelps said...

I've spotted a few other US riders in the video:

0:40 Three New Jersey riders (I think), they stayed at the Holiday Inn in SQY
1:03 Michele Grainger (?), Boulder, CO
1:11 Alain and Viktoya Abbate, Coral Springs, FL
2:39 Tim Carroll, Cleveland Heights, OH
2:42 John Ende (yellow helmet),Asheville, NC and Mark Thomas (SIR Jersey), Seattle, WA
4:16 Ian Birk, Seattle, WA sleeping through his 15 minutes of fame
4:18 Cap'n Ende and Mark again
4:19 Corey Thompson, Seattle WA (in front)and Vincent Muonoke (blue jersey, left center)