Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Another RAAM-Qualified Woman From the Tar Heel State

We NC Rando boys are being left in the dust by the NC Rando girls.

Yes, we now have three RAAM qualified women.

The newest member of that elite group is Mary Florian, who qualified at the 2010 Sebring 24-Hour Bicycle Race, held February 13-14 in Sebring, Fla. Mary rode 370.4 miles in the alloted time. You can see the results here.

Mary joins Lynn and JoAnn in the RAAM's Club.

Mary's husband Tom didn't do too shabby either. He also rode 370 miles and finished 9th overall in the Men's category.

A big congrats to Team Florian!


Vance Ricks said...


Also: congratulations!

bullcitybiker said...

Way to go y'all!

Anonymous said...

\ \
___> \
(__O) \
(____@) \
(____@) \
(__o)_ \
\ \

Congratulations! (That's supposed to be an ascii art thumbs up in case it gets mangled by the editor.)


dean furbish said...

Now I know why there have been rumblings to repave River Rd---Team Florian wore it down with their serious training miles!

Congratulations on your accomplishments!

Sara Huston said...

Congrats, Mary!! And Lynn and JoAnn! Y'all rock.

sag said...

Just incredible. Congrats.