Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Another NC Frame Builder

Joe Miller, a former N&O outdoors reporter who was cut loose and now has his own health / sports blog, has a very good interview with Curt Dobbins, who may soon be launching a handmade frame business. By my count that would increase the number of NC frame builders by 100 percent. Chuck at Coho set up shop several years ago in Franklinville.

Curt has a connection to McLean Fonvielle and talks about him briefly in the interview.

We look forward to visiting Curt in his shop in the very near future.

For more on handmade bikes, be sure to pop up to Richmond this weekend for the Handmade Bike Show. We'll see you there....


david said...

Mills Brothers, Brew Bikes, Eastern Bikes, Endless Bike, to add a few more to the NC list. There is another builder near Mocksville whose name I can't recall. I heard from the owner of a bike Ed Gaddy built in the 80's that Ed was picking up the torch again.


Wes said...

Heading up to check out the bike show on Saturday. Their website seems to be down thought.

Anonymous said...

Hi I'm Dave Mills, Mills Brothers Bikes. Just noticed your blogish comments. I'm in Advance near Mocksville, Steve Hollingsworth is nearby in Winston, he is Northstar Customs. There are two other builders getting started in Raleigh, both named Mike, don't have brand names yet.
I build mostly road and track, haven't done a rando bike, if you went to nahbs, I had a "new builder table " in the back, with a red and white old school track bike.

dave mills