Monday, November 12, 2007

Sign of the times

This is one of the classiest "share the road" signs I've ever seen.

The bad news: It was apparently put up by a developer. The sign's shellacked wood bears a suspicious resemblance to 20 "Lot for Sale" signs on Asheville's Elk Mountain Scenic Highway.

With its five-mile climb up to the Blue Ridge Parkway, the Elk Mountain road is an ideal training grounds. But better get on it before it gets busy.

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Unfortunately for the cycling community and our dear Mother Earth, what's happening on the Elk Mountain road is being repeated across the state as developers carve up rural land and plunk down new homes and subdivisions.

Folks, isn't it about time to stop the sprawl?

As I was typing that last sentence, an e-mail arrived from friend Adrian Hands that pointed me to a group with that goal in mind. They're called the Village Project.

Have a look.

Here's how the group describes its mission:

Through advocacy, design and education The Village Project seeks to transform our region into a network of walkable communities interlinked by quality transit services. We place equity, affordability and diversity alongside environmental protection as essential ingredients of the intimacy and vitality of our communities..

I likes.

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