Monday, May 5, 2014

Keep Robin Hudson on the N.C. Supreme Court

What do Duke Power, Blue Cross Blue Shield and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce have in common? They're the dirty money behind the "despicable" political attack ad being run against Justice Robin Hudson.

Despicable is not my word, by the way. That comes from former Mayor Richard Vinroot. He's a Republican but guess who he's voting  for:
When former Charlotte Mayor Richard Vinroot saw the TV attack ad against Supreme Court Justice Robin Hudson, he was appalled. “Despicable,” he called it in an email to the Observer editorial board.
Here's a Charlotte Observer article  about Vinroot and the truth behind the child molester ad.

Reject Art Pope and his candidate -- Jeanette Doran. She has ZERO experience as a judge. Justice Hudson deserves your vote tomorrow.

Raise your hand if you think Duke Power should stop pouring money into political ads and instead clean up the river it poisoned with coal ash.


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