Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Lumberton 600K | 2014 Party Edition

NC 4th Congressional District
Here’s how we spent last weekend. Our 4th annual Winter 600K. The route, dubbed Gerrymander’s Delight, snakes here and there before snaking its way, after 370 miles, back to Snake Road in Lumberton. 

Do not be fooled by the map. No matter which direction you’re going, you're heading toward the new, improved Garland (“Now with Subway!”).

Two years ago, we Rode to Save America. Times have changed, and idealism fades like a flag in the sun. For this year’s ride, we selected Party Option. Nine of us rolled along on what we like to call the “Pain Train” until the cold and wet claimed two. And then there were seven to enjoy a short-sleeve, snow-be-gone shadowy Super Sunday.

Capn loaded a GoPro on his Gunnar. The GoPro is especially adept at shooting Capn’s front tire.

The Conti up close and personal.

Yes indeed. Sunday morning sunrise at Sunset.

SIR rider Mark Thomas had the gall to show up and kick the local booty on two hotly contested county line sprints. On Sunday, the Seattle Seahawks kicked ass in the Super Bowl. Coincidence? Or divine intervention?

Mark out of the saddle in the sun.
If you want to be entertained, spend an hour riding behind Ian and Mary F. Ian does all the talking, but still, it’s entertaining.

Capn brought a first timer, Rob the Rookie, to the big show. Next year Rob’s going to be showing us how it’s done, as we're still trying to figure it out.

What is salvation? When you’re chilled to the bone from a cold rain, it’s the Mexican restaurant on the corner near Garland. That’s twice that the owners have swung the door open late, welcomed us in and served up plates of tacos, burritos and rice and beans. We’re eternally grateful.

A big thanks to Tim for those toe warmers. They saved the day. And night. And a big thanks to Tony for the hosting and support.

Sunshine on Super Sunday in Boardman.

Postscript: a few more pictures from Capn Ende's GoPro:
Caution! Good times ahead!

See that snow? Close the schools!

Check out Wes in our NC Rando kit! We're giving the Italians a run for their money.

The Sunset Strip.

You can smell the ocean from here, but no wheel dipping on this trip...That's Rookie Rob giving  a few pointers to Mark...


Andy A said...

Mike, what is with the out-of-towner taking the sprints? No one actually announced a county line coming up, I trust?

Mike Dayton said...

Andy, the results of the urine sample are not yet back, but they may tell the true story.