Monday, March 28, 2011

PBP Preregistration Begins on Sunday!

Yep...the time is here.... Riders who went long in 2010, notching a 1000K or longer, will be able to begin the preregistration process on Sunday, according to the PBP website, the day after Al's 200K.

Those who did shorter distances in 2010 will have to wait longer for preregistration. But those riders should be fine.  USA's entry quota for PBP 2011 is currently set at 719. That's a lot of openings...

The preregistration timetable is as follows:

ACP/RM Longest Event in 2010

Pre-Reg. Opens On...
1000 KM or RM1200+

600 KM

400 KM

300 KM

200 KM


Preregistration will reserve a place for PBP 2011, subject to availability. During the preregistration period, available places will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

If you have not converted your preregistration into a definite registration until June 19, 2011 at midnight (French time), you will lose your reserved place. You can still apply for registration, but without priority.

The preregistration can only be made through the Internet with mention of rider affiliation, rider license number and homologation number of the longest BRM ridden (nonexhaustive list).

You will receive a confirmation email with your application number as soon as your preregistration form is validated by the organization.

A secure payment option will be presented at the end of your preregistration and / or registration. No payment by wire transfer, check or cash will be accepted.The preregistration fee is €30, non refundable and deducted from the final registration fee, estimated to be €100 +/- €15.

3-29 Edit: Clarifying info from Mark Thomas on the SIR list:
The instruction page for PBP pre-registration can be found at and includes the pre-registration schedule.
 The instructions indicate that riders will need rider affiliation, rider license number and homologation number of longest 2010 brevet, but I'm fairly certain that for riders' whose affiliation is "Foreign" (i.e., non-France), the rider license number is inapplicable.
 RUSA members can find the homologation numbers of any 2010 US ACP (200, 300, 400, 600, 1000) or RM (1200 or longer) events by results search on RUSA website. Homologation numbers for non-US RM events can be found at For non-US ACP events, riders will probably need to consult the event organizers.
 Bengt from Sweden posted today that you will indicate your choice of start time at pre-registration but that it can be changed with the final registration in June.
 You'll need a credit card for the pre-registration deposit and your certificate number. I think that the registration is supposed to open on 4/3 at midnight, which would be the previous afternoon here. No need to rush, however, because it's not possible for the US quota to fill up this weekend. We just didn't have that many 1000/1200 riders.