Sunday, March 27, 2011

NC Rando Reflective Vests

Branson is taking the lead on potentially customizing reflective vests for NC Randonneurs. These would look great at PBP '11 and lots of other brevets.
Thanks to the generosity of Mark Thomas with assist by San Francisco RBA Rob Hawks, we will have customized PBP vest samples at the start of Al's 200K next Saturday. These vests are the same make as those offered by PBP, but with customized graphics. I'm gauging interest in placing an order of customized versions for NC Randonneurs. Here are some photos of Mark's sample vests in the 4 colors offered. They look sharp!
Three advantages of a customized vest for PBP:
  • 1- It satisfies the new PBP standard for reflective wear (the Sam Browne belt does not)
  • 2- You can break it in now and be used to how it feels by PBP
  • 3- It tells the world you're a NC Randonneur
If there's enough interest for an order after Saturday's exhibition, we'll work out details of cost and timeline. Come early to the start of Al's 200K next Saturday and check them out!
A few pix, courtesy of Mark:

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