Monday, October 4, 2010

Icing on the (Cup) Cakes

Maxi, my sweetie and the love of my life, knew Saturday's 200K would be a milestone ride, and she showed up at the finish with these cupcakes and a tray of brownies. Thanks, lover!

I wasn't feeling all that special Saturday, riding fixed gear with a head cold and legs still heavy from the previous week's 1000K. Thankfully, I got towed home over the final 20 miles by two talented young riders, Ian (Adrian's son; seated in the photo) and Moshe. When I see guys like this out riding the long distances, I know the future of our sport is indeed bright. It was my honor to finish with them.

A tip of the hat to Dan Driscoll, the Dallas RBA and the informal leader of Texas' K-Hounds, who got several of the Tarheel riders interested in a 10,000K annual goal. If you look through the results, you'll have no trouble spotting the other two riders, who each have more than 8,000K so far this year.

I'm indebted to Dan's gentle nudge, and l'm also indebted to all of the folks I shared so many great kilometers with. Couldn't have done it without you. And wouldn't have wanted to do it without you.



Cap'n said...

Nice work Flyer. I'm still working on my lifetime 10,000k. Patience is a virtue. No need to rush these things. Save me a cupcake with a "O" since that is my typical monthly total. I can only vouch for 1,400 of those "ks" but I'm sure you did them. If the other 8,600 were as fun as the ones I rode with you then you had a really enjoyable year. Congratulations. I tip mon chapeau in your general direction.

dean furbish said...

Wonderful accomplishment, Mike!

I recall learning about Dan and the K-Hounds from you a couple of winters ago while sitting in a Benson cafe with Bob O on what is now the Benson Mule Pull Permanent Populaire. I'm sure my eyes bugged out once I realized that 10,000km amounted essentially to a permanent a week.

Your quest this year presented several opportunities for me to ride with you. Fun times for which I'm grateful.

Tell Maxi the cup cakes were great.

Now, on to Mondial!

Bob O. said...

WOW, congratulations. What an amazing accomplishment!

I remember the tale in Benson as well, I thought it was a little crazy. Only a little. Who'd a thought there would be K-hounds in NC.


Treadly and Me said...

Well done to you. That is one heck of a milestone!

YungFalbz said...

Inspirational! Big thumbs up and congrats! Hope you're feelin' better soon!

Charles Lathe said...

Nice cupcakes!

Regards, Chuck

P.S. Congrats on the 10,000 kilometers. That's a bunch of zeros.