Monday, June 14, 2010

Going the Distance

Someone who gives of his time not only at the local and regional levels, but serves all RUSA members at the national level as Newsletter Editor and Vice-President, Mike D has certainly gone the distance with his selfless volunteerism. For that we are greatly indebted and extremely thankful.

Mike has also been known to go the distance on his bike, inspiring many of us in the process. Just this year, he completed his hundredth consecutive (and counting) monthly ride of at least a hundred miles. This month he completed his fourth R-12 Award. If Mike finishes 2010 anywhere near his current pace, he will garner yet another honor for which there is no RUSA award. Not yet anyway. I'm talking about 10,000km in one calendar year. RUSA Distance Awards are in 1,000km multiples from 1,000km to 5,000km.

Adding some perspective to just what 10,000km means, it is roughly one-quarter of the earth's circumference. Accomplishing this feat in a single year calls for an average of one 200km RUSA ride per week! Understandably, less than 1% of RUSA members achieve this goal.

In prior years, our local brevet "season" traditionally ended the first week of June. But just because our traditional brevet season has ended, don't expect Mike to shift out of his big chain ring and slow down.

There are plenty of riding opportunities for the remainder of the year. Thanks to Regional Brevet Administrators Alan and Tony, the brevet calendar reads like a smorgasbord, which not only boasts rides most months, but in some cases choices of distances and venues. In effect, Tony has created a second brevet season. Thus, it is still possible to complete an SR series! Don't forget those special "pick-up" rides called permanents and permanent-populaires, which can be scheduled at any time by a RUSA member with route-owner approval.

Last year, I predicted that a NC Randonneur would do 10,000km. Having already eclipsed 5,000km this year, Mike has jumped out and set a blistering pace. Let's cheer him on as we watch him accomplish something no other NC Randonneur has done. I'm predicting a number of NC Randonneurs will eclipse 5,000km this year, a tremendous feat in itself, as others set personal distance records.

Me? I'm poking my front wheel into the excitement. We still have the greater part of the calendar year staring us in the face.

Go, Mike!

Let's Ride!

Photos courtesy of Branson Kimball

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geof said...

good stuff,Dean. if i could, i'd be on all those weekends too! nothing's more fun (or insiring!) than going out with the randos', but mike is the man...