Monday, July 6, 2009

Wes at Gold Rush

Our riding buddy Wes Johnson is lining up for the California Gold Rush 1200K, which gets under way this evening. Apparently, his adventure has already begun. His bike frame suffered a crack in transit, forcing him to scramble for a back-up. He'll be riding a brand new Fuji carbon bike.

He will be tweeting from the route as time permits. You can follow his progress here:

Tailwinds to Wes and other friends attempting the ride this week. A full list of the riders can be found here.


dean furbish said...

My new chant: Go, Wes, Go(ld Rush)!

Control updates here:

dean furbish said...

The previous url was truncated for some reason. Just place ".htm" after "ridertime" in the previous comment url.