Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Post from Mali

Son Double D has come out of blog retirement with a new post on life in southeast Mali, and the difficulty of starting over with a new language. The latest blog post is here.

An excerpt on his move from Sokolo to Boni, where he is helping out with a migratory elephant project:
The Toureg rebels have stated numerous times they will not attack foreigners, but Malian government strongholds only. So my danger was from some sort of crossfire or some increase in the Al Qaeda cell activity. It was a bit difficult to leave Sokolo. I really liked the village and was just finding a niche, language wise and socially, so the move was a bit trying. Yet, better to feel a bit put out than beheaded.
Note he is accepting donations for the elephant project. If you're looking for a worthy cause, here it is.

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