Monday, April 13, 2009

Scenes from an Unsuccessful Flèche

A fine time was had by all this weekend as Flèche Team The Procrastinators, living up to its name, crossed the finish line in Lake Lure just a smidge (translation: 2 hours) outside the cut-off time. We whipped the weather and the wind and the hills but pilot error and a couple missing street signs put us down just short of the runway. Thanks to my teammates Tom, Mary, Cap'n and Lin. We'll get 'er next time. These pictures will tell the story until we can scrape together a few words. Thanks to Tony for hosting another fun, wet day/night on the bikes.


slhuston said...

Gary and I were thinking of all of y'all out there in the weather that night. Great pics, looking forward to the tale.

geof said...

great to see all those smiles! glad all are safe n warm..G-

Rich said...

What's this? The old late-night coffee house and 24-hour laundromat tale of adventure and tomfoolery? After seeing those pics, I'm afraid the nightmares will return again tonight... More coal on the fire, Ma!
Glad you all are in one piece at least... physically... !

Surly Dave said...

Sorry to hear you didn't make the time limit, but well done all the same. Looks from the smiles in the photos there will be some laughs to be had from the memories of the ride anyhow!

Caroline said...

You and Ende seem to have a magical ability to locate 24-hour laundromats; I see the seeds for a name for next year's team. Well done! Glad you were all safe!