Thursday, April 16, 2009

cycling caps by "Little Package"

What's not to love about cycling caps? They help keep you warm in the winter, cool in the summer, shield your eyes from rain or sun. They even help you look kinda like your favorite Classics specialist! Or-

just like Wesley Snipes.

The only downside for my fondness for them is that most don't fit my planetoid-sized noggin. To quote Mike Myers in "So You Want To Marry An Axe-Murderer?":

"Head! HEAD! My Gahd, that boy has a melon!"

So Little Package Cycling Caps to the rescue. Little Package is seamstress Caroline, and she makes every custom cap by hand. You simply drop her a note with what you're looking for, she replies, you send her your measurements and payment, and a few weeks later, viola! A little package arrives with your very own custom cap.

The quality of Caroline's caps is fantastic. For mine, she used cotton twill fabric that's not too heavy, not too light. Her stitching is beautiful, especially when it's in a contrasting color. She really sweats the details. Her caps are so nice, I feel a little guilty wearing them in bad weather. Even so, they held up perfectly when I did.

Caroline doesn't do screen-printing, but she will find whatever fabric and color you're looking for. She sews in wool and other materials too. She worked extra hard for the 'NC Randonneurs blue' and the Dutch oranje with national tricolor ribbon.

Chapeau, Caroline! Chapeau.


Jack said...

Darn you, B. I've told you I already have too many cycling caps. Then, I get hooked up with a RUSA cap, and now this?!?! Stop it!

:-) They look great, can't wait to see it.

Velomann said...

I live in Portland, so Caroline is our local custom cap maker of choice. She made our team caps (Cyclisme) and they are indeed the finest to be found.