Saturday, June 21, 2008

work(belt) of art

I checked with Mike before posting this, as it might be considered a "commercial" post.

This is a "Workbelt For Women" my friend and co-worker Chris made for me. That's what Chris calls her functional works of art, but I've convinced her that I am indeed a dude, so she may need a new name for her pieces. I offered "Work(belts) Of Art."

Chris made one of these for my wife to use in the garden, and then I asked if she'd make one for me. I've never liked working on the bike in a shop apron, and Chris' "Workbelts For Women" seemed perfect. Except for the name.

She asked me what features I wanted and what tools I like to keep near me when working on the bike. She measured my T-handle hex wrenches and my pedal wrench, even though I don't often need to have that one with me. Then she asked if I had any old jerseys she could use.

I reluctantly offered a Chisholm Service team jersey circa 1990. Buddy and former shop owner Mike Brown gave me that jersey around 1992 when I bought my first road bike from him. The jersey had outlasted its usefulness on the bike but I wanted to keep it for nostalgic reasons. I also parted with a worn-out yellow jersey that I hadn't put on since a challenging 600K that still haunts me.

Chris' workbelt turned out so well that I'm kinda scared to get it dirty. She insisted that it's meant to be used, and tough enough to handle being washed often. Still- it seems to me that it belongs on the wall, not around my waist.

(More pictures if you're curious. And if you decide you might like Chris to make one for your mechanic, drop me a line and I'll put you in touch.)

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