Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Lights! Camera! ACTION!

The showdown is set!

Mike's E3 Supernova versus my brand-spankin' new Schmidt Edelux, fresh out of the box. We're doing a nighttime permanent between Raleigh and Richmond next weekend, so stay tuned for an extended road test.

First impressions, the Edelux is a beautiful little package. Its black-anodized aluminum housing looks seamless, sculpted. The magnetic switch is a joy to move back and forth. Its Senso setting has a raised notch between On and Off, so you can set it correctly without looking down.

The paperwork says the "IQ-TEC optical system" was developed by Busch & Muller, and is also found in their Lumotec IQ Fly. The emitter points slightly backward from the top of the housing, bouncing its light off the beveled reflector. Perhaps the reported difference in output between the IQ Fly and the Edelux is due to different emitters? Our buddy Byron rocked the local SR series with an IQ Fly and I was extremely impressed, especially on wet roads at night. Can't wait to get home and give this light a try!
Total damage to the checking account: just under $200 US.


dean furbish said...

Nice set up, Branson. Can't wait to hear the results. Oh, front-row tickets to the event are still available?


bullcitybiker said...

Dean- your all-access passes are at the Will Call window.

Let's ride!