Friday, May 30, 2008

"Take the Lane"

From our local weekly paper, the Independent, comes one of the best cycling articles I've ever read. It focuses on bicycling techniques taught by NCBC rider and LAB board member Bruce Rosar.

Here's the lead:

"Take the lane." That's going to be my new motto. After practicing with Bruce Rosar for an hour, I am totally comfortable riding among the cars in the center of Cary. And I mean not just over on the side of the road but right out in the travel lane ahead of the Land Rovers and F-150s. Screw 'em if they're forced to slow down behind me.

And here's the full story.

The article is part of the Indy's "Medal to the Pedal" series which is focusing on two-wheeled travel in the Triangle. Thank you, Indy. Here's an excerpt about that series:

This year's summer guide carries the theme of "recession recreation," and the more we thought about it, the more we determined that the humble bicycle—invented decades before the automobile, and the livelihood of aviation pioneers Wilbur and Orville Wright—deserves special attention. As much fun as bikes can be, as Megan Stein reports on page 12, we propose that we think seriously about the bicycle as a daily tool. The benefits are obvious and enormous, and, as Bob Geary learns in our main feature (this page), you're never too rusty to get back on a bicycle.

To see more of that series, go here.

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