Monday, May 26, 2008

Random thinking on a solo Lake Loop 200K

  • If you buy a bike named after a fish, will it rain every time you ride it?

  • For some people, age is a hammock on a warm sunny day. For others, it’s a poison spider that drops down from the red oak tree.

  • When you wear a Seattle Randonneurs jersey, don’t be surprised if people ask you whether you’re from Seattle.

  • Why don’t they make a camera that shows how heavy your legs feel? Or how bad that dead raccoon smells?

  • A headwind doesn’t blow, it sucks.

  • If you build a trailer park, no matter where, they will come.

  • Fishing looks like fun when you’re having fun on a bicycle.

  • Despite assertions to the contrary, the convenience store clerk cannot guarantee that he just sold you a $20 million lottery ticket.

  • What do you know – high water is bad for boats.

  • The Dollar General store has pretty good prices on batteries.

  • When you tell people how far you've ridden, the next question they'll ask is: Today?

  • Pictures are the excuse. Legs are the reason.

  • Proper hydration is not two water bottles in the first 100 miles and two in the last 30.

  • Persistence and perseverance are signs on the wall.
  • 1 comment:

    Jerry Phelps said...

    "If you buy a bike . . ."
    Could be worse--you might wind up with a hook in your mouth.

    "For some people . . ."
    Do what? Geez--poets!

    "When you wear . . ."

    "Why don't they make . . ."
    Ah, the ubiquitous "they" who do nothing right!

    "A headwind doesn't blow, it sucks."
    Truer words were never spoken.

    "If you build a trailer park . . ."
    Kind of like this blogspot, right?

    "Fishing looks like fun . . ."
    Fishing is hot, nasty, and smelly--kind of like riding a bike.

    "Despite assertions . . ."
    "Lotteries are for people who are bad at math."

    "What you know - high water is bad for boats."
    Just ask the shrimpers in New Orleans.

    "The Dollar General store . . ."
    Why did you need batteries on the Lake Loop? You're legs must have been concrete if you were riding that late.

    "When you tell people . . ."
    Second question is "ARE YOU CRAZY!!?" Just ask Glenn Himstedt.

    "Pictures are the excuse . . ."
    I don't need no stinking excuses. (I stop whenever I feel like it.)

    "Proper hydration . . ."
    See "When you wear . . ."

    "Persistence and perseverance . . ."
    And the mark of a randonneur. Nice job Mike.