Monday, May 26, 2008

me & my Big Mouth

After midnight, seven miles to go on our 400K. Green Level Church Road. Third wheel in a four-bike paceline. Riding the white line- BAMMM!!!

Something's skidding after I nail a deep pothole. It isn't any of my friends and it isn't me either. "What was that sliding down the road?!"

Chris' quick answer- "Think you ejected a water bottle." A fast glance. "Yep! But I'm not losing y'all now- I'll come back for it tomorrow."

Tomorrow slipped by, along with the day after that, and the next.

Eight days later, wonder if it's still there? I ride out with a replacement bottle, just in case. Nearing the scene, freshly-mowed shoulders. That thing's gotta be toast. I spot the offending pothole and marvel that no one got hurt. But a few feet away, incredibly, is my high-flying Big Mouth water bottle. Even still has some pink/black Fruit Punch-flavored funk inside.

Now added to the list of things I've lost while riding and later recovered:

1- a $5 dollar bill
2- my NC Driver's License
3- my sanity
4- my legs
5- my Big Mouth

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