Thursday, March 13, 2008

More Progress

Chuck just forwarded this picture. We're rolling now. The paint's on, and so are some of the parts. I have a few here, and I'll try to get to Chuck in the next day or so.

Who knows? This just might be my ride on next weekend's fleche...

Oh, JD just asked what the color is. PBP Midnight.


Jerry Phelps said...

She's a beauty--can't make out the crank brand--is it a compact? Still looks pretty racy even for a rando bike. Hope to see it next week. jp

Anonymous said...

It's my old Campagnolo Record Compact (172.4 50/34). I sold to Mike has I switched to a 175.

Rob "Rico Boy" Dayton

Anonymous said...

Oops 172.5