Tuesday, March 11, 2008

AAA: "Give Bikes Some Room"

Lots of press releases cross my virtual desk. This one was too good not to post. It's not every day that you see the nation's largest lobby for automobiles advocating for bicycle safety.

AAA Chicago Supports City of Chicago Bicycle Ordinance

AURORA, Ill.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--AAA Chicago supports the City of Chicago ordinance which would impose strict fines on motorists whose actions endanger bicyclists, and we urge Chicago’s City Council to pass it. The ordinance prohibits actions such as turning left or right in front of a bicyclist, passing a bicyclist with less than three feet of space, parking in a bike lane and opening a vehicle door into the path of a bicyclist.

“This proposed ordinance clearly defines the rules and responsibilities and will increase the safety of everyone who shares the roadways in Chicago,” said Beth Mosher, spokesperson for AAA Chicago. “Chicago has become a terrific multimodal city, and now pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists alike need to do a better job of sharing the roads safely.”

According to the Illinois Department of Transportation, in 2006 in Illinois, 24 bicyclists were killed and nearly 3,200 were injured due to a crash with a motor vehicle. The majority of these crashes happened in urban areas.

“This ordinance underscores rules that motorists should already be following for the sake of their fellow travelers,” said Mosher.

AAA Chicago has represented roadway interests for motorists and pedestrians and serves as a leading advocate for various traffic safety and travel-related issues for more than a century.

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bullcitybiker said...

Right on! WOnder what Carolinas AAA would say about this? Branson