Tuesday, January 22, 2008

This is Why I Ride!

My 17 year-old daughter Emily and I went skiing yesterday. I hadn’t been on skis since she was a baby although she had been many times. I was looking forward to spending the entire day with her, but not looking forward to the potential aches and pains I would have from a day of face plants and long unused muscles.

To my surprise, skiing turned out to be, well, like riding a bike. I picked it back up pretty quickly—only fell twice, and one of those doesn’t count. I was mowed over from behind by a snow-boarder while standing in the lift line. Emily did really well too—we had a great day. It’s nice being in good enough shape at age 48 to do something out of the ordinary and not suffer afterwards and also nice to be able to keep up with Em. Next year, it's off to college for her, and who knows how many chances we'll have for other father-daughter outings.

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JP: Great picture!