Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Phun Phud Photo.

My buddy Ende. He's like a duck in a pond. No word for days on end. Then boom, he surfaces, fires off a string of emails, then slips back underwater.

Capn has been working on an ad campaign for Lantiseptic. He's going to be a Butt Cream Spokescapn. Essentially, he's making a run at stardom through the back door.

I think this has him going through some old pictures. He just sent this masterpiece along. Check out that plate!


Yes the place was self serve. Yes it was all you can eat. Yes it was on a brevet -- the Bonifay 1000K. Yes the food was delicious.

Capn will remember the name of the restaurant. Maybe he'll weigh in with a comment and give us the locale -- the next time he surfaces.

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Cap'n said...

The name of the place was Michelle's. It was a South Georgia all you can eat buffet extravaganza. This photo was taken of my "Yellow Plate" course. It was washed down with a 1/2 gallon of the sweetest tea this side of the mississippi. Man was it the best, and to think that we had considered riding a couple miles off course for some fast food when this place was right under our noses across the parking lot from a control. We hit it on the out and again on the way back in. I'd consider the ride again just for this very experience. Cap'n