Monday, January 28, 2008

Jan 27 Kerr Lake Loop

Thirteen riders (!) showed up for yesterday’s Lake Loop. That’s our biggest crowd yet. We’re really developing a core group of dedicated randonneurs.

The conditions at the 7 a.m. start were brisk, with temperatures in the low 30s, but by 10 a.m. the day was downright pleasant. Riding doesn't get any better than days like these, cruising under a brilliant blue sky on quiet back roads with a crew of superb athletes. The banter was non-stop. A friendly ride at a friendly pace. We had one guy along for his first RUSA ride, and another on his second one. We also had six PBP veterans.

A great day? You bet. I’ll let a couple riders tell it themselves. Here are two emails I received after the ride.

The ride: Where would I ever get a chance to hang out with so many PBPers and future PBPers on this side of the Atlantic in a "pick-up" ride?

I’ve decided that The Lake Loop is kind of like the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Part of what MAKES it so great is that we've done it so many times. Our expectation is that the day will be fun and so it always is fun. And despite the sameness of the routine, I always find some new things to appreciate along the route. That certainly was a good bunch of folks today. Not sure I interact with other groups that size where I genuinely like everyone. P.S. ....I actually never saw Rocky Horror Picture Show…

Notes: Branson’s successful completion means he’s now qualified for his R-12 award. Nice work!....We lost Ed before Clarksville, when we ducked into a Subway. He didn’t see us and continued on to Oxford and was waiting when we arrived…Byron gets the prize for the most bonus miles: 8…..Dean set a personal best, breaking 10 hours (9:55). Way to go, Deano…Lin’s new bike has the best rando set-up I’ve ever seen on a carbon frame. It’s a Trek Pilot with fender eyelets. Lin had fenders, 25 mm tires and bar end shifters. Classic and modern in one package.


bullcitybiker said...

Hey Mike- I had a great time on the permanent yesterday. My R-12 award should have "Courtesy the Kerr Lake Loop" engraved on the back- your permanent carried me through 4 months when the brevet pickings were slim. Thanks for putting in all of the work so we can enjoy the ride. It's very appreciated- Branson

R2D said...

Y'all sure rock the loop.
Doing base miles down her in Charlotte.
I'm up there soon enough to join in on the fun.