Monday, December 10, 2007

Breakthrough: Fixed Route from Google Maps

Ah ha! I played around long enough and I figured out which online programs to use.

I did not have the middle portion of Blackbeard, about 30 miles, but had recorded both ends using my Garmin Edge.

In the previous post, I put up a Google Map with that middle section. But how to lock that as a route map, like the other two legs?

I found an online program called GM2GPX that converted the Google map I'd made into GPX coordinates. Once I saw the code it generated, I knew I had the final piece of the puzzle.

I copied that code and pasted it into the map generator at GPS Visualizer. Once the map was created, I saved it as a route in (I could have done the same thing in, I believe.)

That program created the map you see above with the waypoints. Those waypoints are coming out of the original Google map. Those are the markers I used to nudge the Google line onto the Blackbeard route.

This has huge potential for creating permanents and other cycling routes. It also allows cyclists with GPS units to download the routes.

You may notice that the route is not drawn on top of the roads like the other Google maps. Not sure why that is, but I'll keep digging.

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