Sunday, September 30, 2007

"Are we in Loudeac Yet?"

Unhappy with the prohibitive cost of flying bikes to France, North Carolina randonneurs recently tested a bike that will fit into an airline's overhead bin.

Test runs on Saturday were extremely positive. Several riders were impressed with the bike's dual suspension system. Others observed that the six-inch, hard rubber tires would virtually eliminate flats.

By unanimous vote, riders recommended that the North Carolina club negotiate for a fleet purchase of the nimble cycles. A fixed gear version will be offered.

A wheel with a Schmidt hub is currently being built.

The plan is to hang a Carradice bag off the back. Presumably the bag could also double as the bike's soft-side carrying case.

Test Pilot #1 Adrian asks: "Are we in Loudeac yet?"

Test Pilot #2 Byron puts the bike through a few aerodynamic spins. His impressions: "It turns on a dime," he said. And why not? It's wheels aren't much bigger than a quarter."

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