Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Online Poll Results: July Training Miles

The results of the online poll are in, and one thing is clear: Most riders heading to PBP have big training plans for July.

Nearly half of you, or about 46 percent, will average 201 weekly miles or more.

As a group, you'll ride 400,000 miles in July, or 643,737 kilometers, according to one calculation.

The online poll queried PBP hopefuls about their weekly training plans this month. Here’s what the 57 respondents reported:

* One in three PBP participants, or 33 percent, said they planned to ride 201-250 training miles each week in July.

* About 25 percent, or one in four riders, said they'd shoot for 151-200 weekly miles.

* About 1 in 10 riders said they'd keep the miles to a minimum -- 100 miles or less per week.

* At the upper end of the scale, 1 of every 8 respondents said they planned to average more than 250 weekly miles.

Using the low end for each category (and tossing out the 0-100 results completely), then mulitplying by the number of confirmed RUSA participants (500), I got a whopping total of 305,814 training miles in July.

When I went with the higher end of each spectrum, I got 401,146 training miles.

Impressive indeed!

During the Big Show in August, when the miles get compressed into four days rather than four weeks, those 500 riders will rack up 375,000 miles or 603,504 kilometers, assuming they all finish.

If all of the 4,300 expected participants were to finish, they'd log 3,225,000 miles, or 5,190,134 kilometers.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the survey.

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