Friday, October 3, 2014

Super 600 Video

Southern Appalachian Super Randonnée 600K from William Beck on Vimeo.

I never posted my own report on this tremendous event, but here's a video by Bill Beck. who did the ride in reverse and solo. A big congrats to him and thanks to Luke Heller for a fantastic route.


Tom Droege said...

Great Video. Captures the ride very nicely. Will do it again in June. This could be a big ride when people find out about it. Lots of climbing though!

Cap'n said...

Bill, Well done. Congratulations on completing a difficult ride, solo! It really is a spectacular course. I'm sorry that I couldn't host you during your brief stay in Asheville but I was working all weekend. I vividly remember that sky in your cover shot as I walked into work on Saturday at 7am. It was beautiful. I looked up into the eastern sky and imagined you on the climb to the Mitchell summit from the Parkway. I wished that I could have been along for the ride. Maybe next time. Chapeau.