Thursday, May 29, 2014

Bunn Wash Caper

Downtown Spring Hope
North Carolina's permanent choices keep growing. One of my new favorite's is Mick's 108 Bunn Wash Caper, which rambles through towns north and east of Raleigh, including Spring Hope and Bunn. There are also several crossroads communities, such as Hopkins, where the bloom went off the rose many moons ago. 

RUSA # 9563
The route is highly recommended. Lots of farmland and lots of small town flavor, but watch for the dogs at the first info control and as you enter Spring Hope, a half-mile past the Devil Dog Manufacturing facility. Maybe they keep some of the product local.

There's a local restaurant in Spring Hope and a Subway in Bunn, so you have food choices along the way.

I rode solo on Sunday and with new RUSA member Ken Bowers (# 9563) on Monday. He completed his first RUSA event.

Ken works in Raleigh's planning department and he's a great guy to talk to about the city's future growth. And the things ya learn: Ken was a guitarist in Vanilla Trainwreck.

A few pix, and the route in RWGPS below.

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Andy A said...

Those are some fantastic rural scenes! One of my favorite parts of country cycling.....Andy