Monday, January 7, 2013

London Edinburgh London -- Sold Out?

Wow. That didn’t take long. Registration for London Edinburgh London opened this weekend, and apparently 750 or 900 available slots (reports on that differ) were snapped up in a matter of hours. I guess that's the rando equivalent of a Rolling Stones concert.

For those of us who had LEL on our ride radar but missed the window, we’ll have to look instead to one of the seven domestic 1200Ks or another international event in one of many far-flung corners of the globe, including Korea, Mongolia, Bulgaria, Russia, Hungary, Scandinavia, Spain, Canada, Australia, Uzbekistan and India.

Here’s the international schedule, and here’s the table (alphabetically) from RUSA’s website:

AK: Anchorage   2013/07/21
CA: Davis             2013/06/24
CO: Boulder        2013/09/11
NC: High Point    2013/10/10
PA: Eastern         2013/08/08
TX: Dallas            2013/05/01
VA: Northern      2013/06/06

The picture on the LEL website (above) shows riding buddy Spencer Klaassen. I believe it was taken by Capn Ende. We were lucky enough to do the ride together in 2009 with George Swain, Phil Creel, Jimmy Williams and Will Shore, among other U.S. riders. If you search this blog (use LEL or London Edinburgh London) you’ll find several useful posts about the terrain, route, weather, food, etc.
For those who are going, enjoy. It’s a great event.


George Swain said...

Unbelievable sell-out. I was very surprised when I discovered this. Good news for the event, I hope. While things were tight at the sleep controles with 600 last time, I'm sure this expansion to 750 (or 900) went into their planning for 2013. Certainly good news about the popularity of the route. Nice picture of Spencer on their site. Hope to see you and the NC posse out in California. There are still some slots left in the GRR 1200.

Mike Dayton said...

Dear George, a few of us are considering an alternative overseas event: