Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Award Time! or Putting the Pedal to the Medal....

When I look on RUSA's website, I often see our NC riders well represented in the awards pages. Allow me to point out two recent honorees.

The Mondial Award goes to... our very own Dean Furbish, esteemed author of those Phun Physiology posts. Dean earned this trophy by hitting 40,000K in RUSA mileage. Dean also earned his R-60 earlier this year and is on another 10,000K pace for 2012, for a possible 3-peat as a K-Hound. From RUSA's website regarding the Mondial:

The Mondial Award is for RUSA members who have successsfully completed at least 40,000 km in RUSA events.
This award can be earned just once by a member and is automatically awarded upon completion of the required distance 
[mondial: French adjective meaning worldwide or global. The name relates to the fact that the circumference of the Earth is approximately 40,000 km].

Down east, Mr. Tim Lucas just brought home the RUSA Cup, the first honoree in our state. Here's a picture of Tim's award. That's a stout in the wings, ready to be pressed into lip service. Here's more about this award:

The RUSA Cup is earned by completing at least one of each type of RUSA calendared event, comprising 5000km in total, within a two-year period. Riders must complete: a 200k, 300k, 400k, 600k, and 1000k brevet; a 1200k or longer Grand Randonnée; a RUSA team event (Dart, Arrow, or Flèches-USA); a Populaire; any other calendared events - including Populaires - to achieve the required 5000 km.
A big congrats to both. Proud of ya. Now allow me to quote Dean: Let's ride!

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geof said...

great work fellas! keep crankin'!