Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Rando Jersey Sighting from [somewhere near] the original Emerald Isle

NC Rando jerseys continue their travels round the world. British videographer Damon Peacock forwarded this picture, taken by David Martin, which documents a recent sighting in Ireland Scotland. [oops my mistake; see note below]. Damon’s commentary:
A North Carolina Randonneurs shirt was spotted on the Mille Alba 1000K over the weekend, a bit of a wet ride, but not as wet as here on Saturday, where we had 3 1/2 inches of rain in 14 hours. Apparently it's Kevin O'Sullivan from Ireland, who traded for it at PBP….  69 riders started and 49 finished in a course that returned to a central point three times, which is a test of resolve., it was organized by Graeme Wylie of Edinburgh Road Club. 
Speaking of Damon, let me remind PBP participants that he made a very fine video of the 2011 event. You can order it from his site. We’re trying to coax Damon to NC for a bit of local riding. Stay tuned. 

And speaking of wet rides, congratulations to Tim Lucas and John Morris, who successfully navigated the Cascade 1200K in Washington. With record heat headed our way this weekend, we look forward to the stories of Cascade’s snow-covered passes. Tim snapped the picture below during the ride, and I shamelessly lifted it from Facebook. If I had to guess, I’d say Washington Pass, one of the many spectacular spots on the Cascade route…


Marcello said...

The Mille Alba was in Scotland. Equally green, but different island.

Mike Dayton said...

Thanks for that; post corrected.


bullcitybiker said...

I was the lucky guy to trade with Kevin. It was meant to be since it matches nicely with his Specialized