Saturday, June 9, 2012

Introducing LEL...

Randonneur / videographer Damon Peacock has put together footage that attempts to link PBP, LEL and the Olympics. Nicely done. You'll catch glimpses of Cap'n, Jimmy and George. Check out those fierce winds toward the end. That was quite the challenge.

I wrote up about a dozen snippets after the last LEL. Search the blog for "London Edinburgh  London" if you're interested in seeing them. Here's a post about the various US riders who participated in '09, a post about a few of the funky roads we were on, an article about a local beverage at a Scotland control and a look at the weather during LEL'09.


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George Swain said...

It's that time again . . . . Thanks for posting this reminder, especially with the great little overview Damon put together to refresh our memories. Honored to have made the edit.