Monday, May 21, 2012

A New Crop of League Cycling Instructors

Our LCI group with instructor Jim Nicholson on left and volunteers sprinkled throughout. Thanks to Laura P for the picture.

Raleigh / Cary just got four new bike instructors.  I’m delighted to join three other riders – Jaime, Scott and Esther – who were just certified as a League Cycling Instructor (LCI).

The certification, offered by the League of American Bicyclists, allows us to teach effective cycling to children and adults. 

I was one of 13 cyclists who gathered in Greensboro for about 25 hours of training. We spent most of our time in the classroom, discussing teaching skills and honing our presentations on bikes and biking. We also spent a few hours on parking lot drills and evaluation rides on Greensboro’s urban roads. The small group picture shows my teammates on the road riding portion of the seminar. 

The Triangle area was well represented at the seminar. Besides the folks mentioned above, we also had Bergen, Lee and Ninna from Durham / Chapel Hill. Two classmates, Tammy and Michael, were from the Wilmington area; Laura and Aaron live in Greensboro, Dennis was from the Piedmont area and Turner traveled from Kentucky to take the class. (I hope I got everybody...just let me know...)

Many thanks to Jim Nicholson, who came from New Jersey to coach us, to Shelly at for providing scholarships to several folks from the Triangle area, to our rando buddy J.D. and Danny and Dave and Jesse for helping out as volunteers, and to all my classmates for a weekend of camaraderie.

See you on the road!

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Anonymous said...

Great post Mike!! Enjoyed the weekend and getting to know all of you. Looking forward to seeing a new wave of safe cycling come through NC (and Kentucky!).