Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Bike Lanes & the Benelux Ride

Last night I got to play the Accidental Tourist. First, we met downtown to talk about expanding bike lanes on Hillsborough Street. There are lots of great things happening there -- stay tuned. As we wrapped up and I stepped out of the municipal building, I saw a stream of bikes heading west on Hargett Street. I had planned to head straight home, but what the hey... I hopped on the train and joined the Benelux Cafe ride for a tour of west Raleigh, eventually hooking up with Geof, Ian and Alan. Those Benelux rides are fun; come on out next Tuesday. Sam Bennett has graciously allowed me to post this terrific photo he took of the group at Broughton High School. Alan and I split off and headed over to Cantina 18 for chips and burritos. Cantina 18 is one of the restaurants that will participate in the Bicycle Benefits program, which will kick off in May. Funny, we mostly talked motorcycles and baseball, followed by a short jog down Oberlin Road to home. A fun evening.


Sam Bennett said...

Looks like our strategy of "parading" around downtown to bring more attention to the ride (and to make bikers more visible as a growing population in Raleigh) is working out! Glad you had fun! Be sure to come out to Benelux on Friday - it's the opening of the "Raleigh Bikes" Art Show - a celebration of bike culture in Raleigh!

Mike Dayton said...

Thanks, Sam, we're planning to attend, and I'll put up a reminder post on Thursday.