Monday, March 19, 2012

NCBC 200km Brevet Pre-Ride—March 17

Alan, Mike O. and I teamed up to pre-ride the March 31st 200km brevet this past Saturday. It was a beautiful day to ride. Foggy and cool at the start, but as we neared the lake on Martha’s Chapel, the fog lifted and we had mostly blue skies the rest of the day and the temperature was just about perfect.

Not much to report about the route as there were no surprises or problems. It was clear sailing for the three of us especially with a little tail wind on the run from Snow Camp to Siler City which seems to have been recently repaved.

The wind was pretty mild all day and the three of us were never separated by more than a half mile. If there was ever any doubt, Spring has most definitely come early this year as the red buds and Bradford pear trees are in full bloom.

On the 31st, Mike O. will station himself at Snow Camp and Beth and I will be in Siler City. We are planning to have bananas, oranges, drinks, and PB&J at the turnaround and we’re looking forward to seeing all of you there.

Now for the really fun part -- On the way back at the intersection of Lystra and Farrington Point Roads, we met a couple of cyclists who were lost. They were unsure of which direction to turn, but they were headed to Lewter Shop road and the home of a friend they were staying with. Phil and Jim are from Kalamazoo, Michigan and had been riding in Florida last week. They had stopped by to stay with their friend Chris on the way home. They rode with us to Lewter Shop and invited us in for a beer. The place was pretty spectacular and had the best "Man Cave" I've ever seen, complete with a full bar, kegged beer and pool table. We sat out by the pool talking about bikes and basketball and watching Chris's 17-month old, 150 pound Bull Mastiff, Beaurigard play in the swimming pool. Mike described it as an "Adrian Moment." I don't think any of us wanted to get back on the bikes for the final 9+ miles, but we managed.

Just south of the Snow Camp control.


skiffrun said...

No mention of the "found" beer?

You "un-losting" two cyclists, and the subsequent beer in a man-cave as thanks, was the main thing Alan shared on Sunday about your pre-ride.

Mike O. said...

Jerry also didn't mention that the ride was his R-72. It was also Alan's R-33 and my R-36, but we won't see those results posted for a while.

Happy trails,
Mike O.

Jerry Phelps said...

Mike--thanks for the mention, but I already have R-72--this was just a bonus ride. Congrats on the R-36--happy to have been along with you on such an auspicious day.