Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Years Day 200K / Assault on Brushy Mountain

 Happy New Years, all. Here in NC, we celebrated another rando season with a 200K that featured a climb over both sides of Brushy Mountain. Nothing like starting '12 off with 12 miles of uphill pain.

It was a small crowd this year: Me, Jimmy, Joel, Brian, Bob, Geof, Tim, Steve and John from Florida (I think I got everybody).  What a great day for a ride. It was nothing like the rainy slogfest of '11. We had tailwinds nearly all the way home, and that made the hills a bit flatter. Temps hit 59 before a very brief shower cooled things down just before the finish.

I did much of my riding with Skinny, AKA Joel. He's been a monster in the hills ever since his Android put him on a strict diet. It's time we all pitched in and got him a gift subscription to the Ham of the Month Club. I also learned that Tim, who hit 15,000 miles in 2011, was featured in the Wilson Times. Congratulations! (I can't find the link, perhaps he can supply it.) His ride report from the Taste of Carolina 1200K is also in the latest newsletter.

I took a couple pix at the finish only -- with my long fingered gloves, my iPhone camera is useless on the bike.

Thanks to all for a terrific kick-off to the 2012 and another great day on the bikes.

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