Monday, January 23, 2012

Get Er' Dunn ... and Done ... and Done....

We just can't get enough of these crazy records. Here's one that could be tough to break. Our good friend Dean is one shy of triple digits in riding Get 'Er Dunn, the permanant he owns.

Yesterday, four of us struck out on the 102K course from the convenience store near his house down to Dunn and back. We thought it would be fun to tag along when Dean hit the century mark.... Oops we miscounted, it was only 99 times that he'd completed. No matter. It still counted as a bike ride, and that was good enough.

We had a temperature swing of about three degrees, which meant the temperature hovered in the mid 30s, and a light mist fogged our glasses but it was a fine day nonetheless, because we were out in cool air and back just in time to hear Steve Tyler careen through the Star Spangled Banner.

I may not be with Dean on his next Dunn ride, so here's a congratulations in advance.

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skiffrun said...

99 rides


102 kms / ride


10,098 total kms
A one-course K-Hound.