Thursday, December 8, 2011

NC Randonneurs Wool Jerseys!

This is the design sketch for our NC Randonneurs wool jerseys from Woolistic. Color is approximate but it will be as close to our existing "not-Carolina-blue and not-Duke-blue" blue as we can get it. The minimum order of 25 jerseys can be a combination of short sleeve and long sleeve. So far we have 15 21 24 seriously interested. We have exceeded the minimum number, and I will be placing the order this Friday, December 16th. Pricing is Short Sleeve $95, Long Sleeve $105, plus $8 shipping each (if needed.) If you want to wear one (and we're happy for any rider to wear one) I need your money via check or PayPal before Friday. Drop me an email at NCRandOrder AT gmail DOT com with:

1- SS or LS or both
2- Size
3- Pick-up or Shipping (include address if shipping is preferred)

A Woolistic sizing chart is here, but NC Randonneur Mike Hogan has some great information and tips for Woolistic jerseys. With 35 years of experience in the clothing industry, many of those years in Italy, Mike knows wool. Grazie, Mike!


I own two of these Woolistic jerseys in size M, which I have had for about 18 months. They have aways been hand washed and air dried flat on a drying rack. The specs from Woolistic list these as 38-40", mine are a small 38" now and have been since the first washing, so this means two things:

1- they will shrink and
2- they will shrink once and remain stable after that.

This is common with woolen products.They fit me fine but if I purchase again I would size up to a large. My suit jacket size is 39". The other thing to take into account is that based on your design, which I really like, the embroidery does not stretch with the wool when you wear it so that it can create discomfort if the shirt is only a little too small. For example the Weil's jersey I own feels tighter than the Cinzano, because it has two bands of much larger embroidery than the Cinzano one. The NC Rando one will be similar to the Weil's one but with only one contrast band of intarsia with embroidery, however with a lot denser embroidery. 
One other consideration is that Woolistic jerseys are made with a soft wool that is not combed and worsted to the same degree as some of the other brands such as IBEX. This is not a concern to me, but they do become a little fuzzy after a few months. The choice of this woolen yarn by Woolistic allows them to sell at a more reasonable price, especially with the amount of embroidery on their products which is what gives them their appeal.

Mike Hogan

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