Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A New Permanent: Carolina Crossroads

Cue that above video while you read this..... I'm pleased to announce a new permanent -- Carolina Crossroads -- a 200K that goes from the urban heart of Raleigh's Glenwood South and travels down to the Crossroads Grocery & Grill, with a town of address of Godwin but actually located dead center in the the Middle of Nowhere. Surprisingly, the Grill is on Facebook! Go ahead and friend em -- let em know you're coming.

This is a permanent route to lose yourself on  -- figuratively speaking, not literally, as the cue sheet has been carefully vetted by RUSA permanista Crista. The route is a time machine into North Carolina's rural past, but you'll be quickly snapped back to present day, with all of its modern conveniences, as you sit down for a tasty meal at the Burger King in Benson.

Here's a look at the route. (A shout out to Crista for making the route approval process so easy, and for working up this map.)

While my name is listed as the permanent owner, the route was masterminded by Dean Furbish. He drew it up at Helios coffee and managed to concoct a masterpiece despite annoyingly loud techno music in the background. You'll know Dean as the father of the beloved Tar Heel 200K and the Benson Mule Pull Populaire. In fact, the Carolina Crossroads route uses a large and quiet portion of the Mule Pull, so fans of that course will find themselves on familiar territory.

Carolina Crossroads is a likely candidate for our upcoming Year-End party. Reserve your spot on the route today! The $10 fee will be used to help defray the party costs.

The route name Carolina Crossroads was chosen in part to honor blues guitarist Robert Johnnson.

Here's several versions of one of his better known songs -- Love in Vain. First two originals by Mr. Johnson....

....Next a cover by Eric Clapton....

.... And finally a Love in Vain cover by the Rolling Stones. Embedding has been disabled for it, but a great version. Enjoy!

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