Wednesday, November 16, 2011

NC Randonneurs in the News...

Teri Saylor, who writes for Raleigh's News & Observer, did a nice write-up of PBP by interviewing Robert Bergeron and another local rider. Story here.

Robert is a new rider who came up just short of the finish line in Paris. I enjoyed listening to his adventures along the way. Robert also shared a PBP write-up on Martin's blog. You can read it here.

I've also learned Robert has been making news on the international front. During the interview he showed us a newspaper from Saint-Martin de Pres, which ran a picture of Robert posing with the locals. That's a real keepsake. Then, Mark Thomas sent along the video below. If you watch it at around the 41 minute mark, I believe that's a glimpse of Robert talking briefly then walking along the road. Note his NC Rando reflective vest.

Robert, congratulations on a tale well told, and we hope to see you at the Year-End event.

One final note: While watching the video, I saw the rider that Ian helped. You'll see Ivan, a rider from eastern Europe (his kit says Slovenia but he may be from Russia), at around 31:13. You'll also see Ian's green bungee cord. The story: several of us stopped to take a picture at an interesting PBP marker sign. Ivan came riding up, head bent over and suffering from obvious neck pain. Ian took a bungee off his rear rack and hooked it to Ivan's helmet to help him overcome Shermer's neck. We saw Ivan at the finish, so all worked out well. A picture I took of Ivan is below the video.... And here's another post that shows the PBP sign.

Well, another final note: Thanks to Martin for scanning and sending along the newspaper pix of Robert. It's below. Looks like the French moved Robert to the West Coast -- California, Carolina. close enough....

PARIS BREST PARIS JUSQU'AU BOUT DE LA NUIT from blankonthemap on Vimeo.


Rongmal said...

The two "Les Cracks" movie clips (about 24 & 27 minute marks) are a real hoot!

skiffrun said...

It was not I that scanned in the Robert clipping. The "Californian" himself did that when he first received the newspaper clipping. Still HIGH on the P-B-P experience, he was sharing with his usual Saturday cycling buddies.

The video closing with Robert waddling down the road ... he never told that particular aspect of his adventure. Wish I spoke French ... so I'd know what the narrator was saying.