Saturday, October 8, 2011

We Dunn All That Today?

October is absolutely one of my favorite months of the year for riding. In recent years Octobers have been packed with five weekends. And this time of year, there is no lack of small town festivals to enjoy if you just plan your trips accordingly.

We heard that Coats was celebrating Farmers’ Day. Sridhar promised great weather, I promised great food, and not to be outdone, Mike H promised great fun. Our itinerary seemed to change by the minute as we talked about all of our eating options.

Now I know why Mike likes the Get ‘er Dunn populaire so well. Even Marilyn seemed to enjoy his company. I just hope Mike’s wife likes Mike’s cycling as much as he does. We’re sending her a full copy of this ride report.

After the tryst with Marilyn in Dunn and some ice cream to cool Mike down, we headed to Jennifer’s Bakery for some apple fritters and something to wash them down.

We then headed back to Coats, via the Erwin control, where we hoped a turkey drumstick would still be awaiting us.

We sat eating our drumsticks and watched the Farmers’ Day floats go past. One of the clowns had problems with his suspenders and dropped his pants. Now we’d seen it all.

Back at the finish, Mike and Sridhar feasted on ice cream. Obviously enjoying his, Sridhar said, “If you don’t deserve ice cream after a 100km populaire, then when do you deserve it?” To which Mike replied, “I never need an excuse to eat ice cream.”

And to my good fortune these riding buddies never need an excuse to ride.

North Carolina is beautiful in October: bales of hay in front of cotton field.

Let’s ride!

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