Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Quote of the Day or How to Spot an American at PBP....

If you ride a retro randonneur bike people assume you are American or that you grabbed the wrong bike at the last checkpoint and you should return it to the bikeless American ASAP.
-- Gareth Evans 
"Pretty Bikes at PBP"
Quoted in latest issue of Checkpoint
Audax Australia Cycling Club Newsletter

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WMdeR said...

Dear Mike,

From another discussion of PBP:

(...chatting about the benefit of fenders....)

By the way, the Americans were differently equipped.

1. If the bike was modern and was an integrated randonneur, American rider.

2. If the bike had a Ti frame and techno lights--American rider.

3. If the rider wasn't wearing a national/club jersey (or the lycra PBP jersey)--American rider.


William M. deRosset
Fort Collins, CO