Monday, September 26, 2011

Vote Yes for Raleigh Bonds on October 11

Time for a little advocacy, folks.... If you're interested in safe and effective cycling and pedestrian routes in Raleigh, show up and vote on Oct. 11. This is an important issue and it affects YOU. More information and yard signs are available at

Vote YES for $40 million in Transportation Bonds that will:
  • Keep things running smoothly by resurfacing streets and repairing potholes.
  • Build and repair sidewalks.
  • Improve our bus stops, shelters, benches and transit stations.
  • Create more bike lines giving commuters another option for safe transit.
  • Widen roads and plan new corridors making it easier and faster to get from place to place.
Also in the ballot: Vote YES for $16 million in Housing Bonds that will:
  • Help our neighbors continue to repair their homes after the April tornado.
  • Revitalize our neighborhoods and preserve historic architecture.
  • Build housing for seniors, families and persons with disabilities through public-private partnerships.
  • Make homeownership possible for first-time buyers like young professionals, fireman, policemen and teachers.
Voting on these bonds is an easy way to make a difference in our community. Please, walk, run, bike, bus or drive to the polls on Tuesday, Oct. 11.

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