Thursday, September 29, 2011

Coming Soon: Cycling on Capital Blvd?

Sure, all roads except the Interstates and the freeways are open to two-wheeled vehicles. Good in theory, but bicyclists who know Raleigh's roads avoid Capital Boulevard and its 6 or 8 lanes of haul-ass cars and trucks.
Capital Blvd, which runs north and south, also does a fine job of blocking east-west bike and pedestrian traffic, especially near Raleigh's downtown, which has few suitable bike-ped crossings.

Our city is taking steps to change that, with an ambitious plan to overhaul and update the entire corridor. One goal will be to make it more hospitable to bike and foot traffic. 

Have a look for yourself. There's an Open House tonight describing the various options that are being explored. Details in the flyer below. Show up and see what the future could look like....

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