Saturday, August 27, 2011

A bike ride after a bike ride

Back in Paris after PBP, we did the Fat Tire bike tour into the night. Thanks to our guide Jeff. A sincere congratulations to all NC riders who participated. Finish or no, it was a big adventure and we can't wait to hear yours. A special nod to Brother Rob. While he finished outside the time limit, he rode the whole course and I'm proud of him for gutting it out.

The bad news for the great group I spent many hours with is that we made a tactical mistake and finished too early for the Adrian Hands Society. But to paraphrase what Ian said at the finish, if you're working that hard to get in, you're doing it wrong.

We all look forward to seeing our our rando friends very soon.

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Lois Springsteen said...

It was just wonderful seeing all the NC Randonneurs out on the course in France. What a fantastic ride!


Anonymous said...

I made so may mistakes and learned some many things that I'm hooked.
I'll be bak and will be faster and smarter.
Bro' Rob